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Claire Rees

Claire Rees BHSc Acupuncture, NZ Dip Tuina (Chinese medical massage) & Qi Gong (Energy Work), MNZRA.

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Claire firmly believes in the ability of the mind and body to be well and loves to use Traditional Chinese Medical principles to help people improve their health and find balance and joy in life.  Treatment with Claire usually involves acupuncture, which is often combined with Tuina (Chinese massage), dietary and lifestyle advice and/or Qi Gong exercises.  She may also suggest Chinese herbal remedies from the Evergreen herb range.  She happily treats children and adults, adapting her approach to suit the situation. 

Claire also runs Ngaio Natural Health Centre and is always happy to hear feedback and suggestions about the Centre from clients.

Gavin Crisp

Gavin Crisp B Ost MSc (Paed) PgCert (Postgrad Ed). Registered Osteopath

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After graduating from the British School of Osteopathy Gavin secured a full-time position at the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC) in London. This was a unique opportunity to work at this centre for excellence whilst studying for a postgraduate Masters in Osteopathy in the Paediatric Field. Gavin continued to work at the OCC and in 2008 became a tutor and lecturer for the clinic where he acquired a degree in Postgraduate Education. Osteopathic practice and tutoring as part of the OCC team required a high level of in-house training in many areas, particularly Osteopathy in the Cranial field which Gavin has continued to study as part of ongoing professional development. Cranial osteopathy can be incredibly effective for newborns, infants, children, adolescents or adults of all ages, and it is but one approach that Gavin might use for osteopathic treatment. This is dependent upon the patient's needs at the time. Gavin also recognises the importance of advising modern functional rehabilitative approaches that patients can learn for their own self-maintenance and care.

In the UK Gavin also worked at two very well established practices that enjoy seeing patients of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Through these experiences Gavin shares a vision that osteopathy can be beneficial to anyone, whether suffering from musculoskeletal aches and pains or simply seeking an alternative approach to their health.

Adam Denton

Adam Denton MOst, BAppSc(HB), BPhEd, Registered Osteopath

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Late night Tuesday 9.30am-8pm, Saturday 9am-6pm

Adam is a dedicated osteopath who enjoys working with his patients to restore and improve their health. He has a clinical focus on paediatrics and exercise rehabilitation. He also has a particular interest in treating migraines.

In addition to his Masters of Osteopathy, Adam has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and a Bachelor of Physical Education. Adam started his career over a decade ago as a personal trainer and believes his experience in exercise and rehabilitation complements his role as an osteopath. He combines his knowledge of and respect for the human body with a genuine desire to help his patients achieve optimal health.

Adam values working with other medical and exercise professionals, to ensure his patients receive comprehensive care and better health outcomes.

While at university, Adam completed his research thesis on foam rollers, which gives him an in depth understanding of how they can improve joint function and muscular imbalance.

Prior to qualifying as an Osteopath, Adam spent three years working and travelling in the Middle East and Asia, including living in China for over a year. This experience expanded his understanding of health and human diversity.

Outside of work Adam spends his spare time with his partner and young son and makes the most of New Zealand’s great outdoors.


Therese Boyle Cert Transformative Coach, Dip Hom, B Com, Dip Teaching

Jennie McMurran

Jennie McMurran RCHom, Diploma Homeopathy
Registered Homeopath

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Jennie graduated from the Wellington College of Homeopathy in 2004. Since then she has completed further study with homeopaths from India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, North America and Australia. Jennie has a particular interest in women’s health issues, and is passionate about improving children’s health. Another area of interest is stress-related conditions and auto immune diseases.

Jennie specialises in homeopathic medicine, supplemented with homeobotanicals and flower essences. As part of an holistic approach, she also considers lifestyle and nutrition. Jennie enjoys working with other health practitioners to improve the well being of her clients.

Megan Martin

Megan Martin Dip Hom. CBP, Cert Exercise Science

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Megan graduated from the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine in 2000 and in the following year moved back to New Zealand where she has worked part time while raising four children.
In 2010 a client introduced Megan to BodyTalk and she has now qualified as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. With BodyTalk Megan discovered a healing system that draws on her existing knowledge and experience with Homeopathy, which is also an energy based discipline. After BodyTalk sessions clients have experienced improved sleeping patterns, reduced stress, improved concentration and clearer thinking. On a physical level results include less pain, improvement in skin appearance, greater flexibility and a reduction of general viruses and infections.

Megan believes in a holistic approach to healthcare working with your body’s individual needs to enhance your health on all levels.

Amy Dawson

Amy Dawson Dip Th. Mass, Dip SW, BA

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Amy’s experience both in massage and previously as a social worker has shown her the impact daily stresses can have on the body, both physically and emotionally. She is a strong advocate of the healing benefits of touch and believes massage can promote recovery, improve health and maximise wellbeing. She offers a supportive and insightful massage and provides individualised care to address her client’s needs. Amy enjoys working with other practitioners to ensure a holistic approach is achieved.

Amy has a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from the New Zealand College of Massage.

Nicola Taylor

Nicola Taylor - Certificate of Reflexology, MRNZ

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Nicola’s interest in holistic health began while living in Japan. The combination of her workaholic lifestyle and her reluctance to accept the seemingly over prescription of pharmaceuticals left her thinking more about how we treat our bodies.

Nicola graduated from the Palmerston North School of Reflexology in 2007. After returning to New Zealand, she completed a number of short courses before finding her true passion in reflexology.

Nicola has worked with many conditions and is constantly in awe of the far reaching benefits reflexology provides. She has a special interest in autoimmune conditions and endocrine imbalance and recommends reflexology to anyone who wants to reduce stress in their life.

Margot Broadhead

Margot Broadhead - Adv Dip Naturopathy, Dip CST, BA

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Margot graduated as a Craniosacral Therapist at the Australian Institute of CraniosacralTherapy in 2001. This work opened her awareness of the body’s energy fields leading her to train in Energy Healing, BodyTalk and Kineseology. She worked as a Craniosacral Therapist and Energy Healer at an osteopathic clinic in Wellington for a number of years before joining the team at Ngaio Natural Health Centre. She completed an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at the Australian Institute of Applied Science in 2016.

Margot draws on a range of natural health modalities to work with a variety of health conditions for all ages. She is particularly interested in releasing trauma from experiences such as accidents or abuse. She is also passionate about using herbal medicine and nutrition to cleanse tissues and balance the body. She works with a network of health practitioners to support an individual’s health plan.

Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis BSc, RCST, PACT

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Karen is inspired by the way Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) works with the health in the body and the opportunity to witness the body’s own healing power at work. It feels empowering to be in touch with your own health no matter how much dis-ease is present in our system. BCST has put her in touch with her own health as she recovered from illness and has made a profound impact on her general wellbeing. Karen has found that this therapy enables clients to become more embodied and that, as this happens, healing occurs.

Karen has worked with clients with a wide range of conditions including arthritis and joint problems, panic attacks, anxiety, vertigo, lupus, Crohn’s, lymphoma, allergies, jaw tension, back pain, tinnitus and post operative recovery. She is interested in the effects of stress on the whole body system. BCST is a holistic therapy and works on the whole body, mind and spirit. It is a gentle and effective way to de-stress the nervous system.

Karen is registered with PACT (Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists) and is assisting on the next practitioner training in Wellington with Body Intelligence. She enjoys a daily yoga and meditation practice.

Una Hubbard

Una Hubbard BA, Cert iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher, Cert Flow Yoga Teacher

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Una became a certified Flow Yoga teacher in 2006 and has been teaching classes at Habit, the Open Polytechnic of NZ, and in many corporate environments throughout Wellington for ten years. In 2013 she discovered the healing potency of iRest yoga nidra as a form of meditative inquiry. She completed the Level I training in Australia with the founder of iRest, Richard Miller, and found the practice to be so personally transformative that she went on to study Levels II and III, becoming the first certified iRest teacher in NZ.

While most forms of meditation are done in group settings, iRest is also very effective when tailored in one-on-one sessions (dyads). It has been referred to as “the holy grail” of relaxation practices, and has helped people recover from severe trauma (PTSD), insomnia, depression, and anxiety by neutralising recursive emotions and thoughts.

Una recommends iRest to anyone feeling stuck in life and struggling with unresolved physical or emotional issues. With it we learn to be fully present and welcoming of our physical and energetic body, our emotions, beliefs and overall sense of self. This offers great resiliency and wellbeing and helps us release self-judgement. Attention, normally locked in old patterns, is then freed so we can be in healthy relationship with both ourselves and others, and make clear decisions in life that arise from our innermost centre.

Debbie Southworth

Debbie Southworth, Dip. Therapeutic Treatment Mass., Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner

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Debbie worked for many years in the UK corporate world before moving to Wellington where she retrained as an Ortho-Bionomy® practitioner and massage therapist, having herself experienced the stresses placed on the body by a desk bound lifestyle.

At Ngaio Natural Health Centre, Debbie offers massage and Ortho-Bionomy.

Debbie’s interest is in structural and postural re-alignment.  She believes by releasing muscle and joint tension, not only can we move more freely but more energy becomes available.  With more energy we can think more clearly, function better and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

Debbie takes time to listen to her clients and structure a session that meets her clients’ needs and wishes, whether it’s helping with stress, muscle and joint pain, or a more systemic condition.  She sometimes recommends gentle self-care exercises to do at home.

Southern Cross approved for remedial massage (check your health plan), Dip. Therapeutic and Treatment Mass., Massage New Zealand Registered Remedial Massage Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner

Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Inc and is used with permission

Vicki Trudgen

Vicki Trudgen Dip Hom, NZCH Intern

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For Vicki homeopathy is a natural and effective medicine.  Vicki was introduced to homeopathy by her midwife and welcomed the gentle and holistic healing it could offer herself and her family.  Several decades on her belief and interest in homeopathy saw her graduate in 2017 from the College of Health and Homeopathy.  She is also a Registered Practitioner with the NZ Council of Homeopaths.   Vicki welcomes all clients.

Annelies Marx Member of NZAC, student member NZAP, ANZTAA & ITAA

Contact: BalanceWorksLtd@outlook.com or 021 294 9705

Originally from the Netherlands, Annelies has been in New Zealand since 1988. She has overseas qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy and is currently finalising her certificate as a Transactional Analyst.
Annelies provides counselling and psychotherapy and works with people with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, anger, grief & loss, self-esteem, relationships, abuse and stress.  She offers tools how to deal with certain situations and/or assisting in exploring the causes of people’s discomfort and distress.
Annelies says: “I feel honoured to assist people to become more of who they are and support them to change the things about themselves that they want to”.

 Bec Reedy

Bec Reedy  Dip. Therapeutic Massage (NZCM), Dip. Pregnancy Massage (APNT), registered Arvigo® Therapy practitioner (Arvigo Institute) & certified baby massage instructor (IAIM).

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Bec loves helping clients relax and release muscular tension. Her nurturing style is unhurried, rhythmic and intuitive. She works with intention, with a focus on calming the nervous system, to help clients feel more healthful and in charge of their wellbeing.

Bec has a particular interest in supporting women throughout pregnancy and with young babies. She also works with clients managing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Many of Bec’s clients find a seamless blend of remedial, relaxation and hot stone massage works wonders.  Sometimes she suggests integrating breath work, mindfulness or visualisations into a session.

Continuity of care is an integral part of Bec’s treatment. When appropriate, she follows up with self-care recommendations and/or referrals to other health care professionals.